Toad Delight

Book Cover:  Toad Delight

Author – Morris Gleitzman

Age – 8+

Limpy is a cane-toad. A very sensitive, thoughtful cane-toad. He visits his flat rellies on the road every day and stacks others in piles. His family ask him why he bothers. Limpy is determined to prove to humans that cane-toads aren’t as awful as people believe. He’s hoping that one day they won’t be just road-kill or something to stomp on or hit with a cricket bat!

His cousin Goliath is also a problem. He’s huge, fat, ugly and greedy. If cane-toads weren’t so greedy, maybe humans would see another side of them?When Goliath falls in love with Penny (a child’s backpack shaped like a penguin), they are soon thrown into an adventure together. A trip to the city, a TV show and maybe a chance to show humans how lovable they really are. Or not. Little do they know it might be a cooking show – with them in the pan!

With a touch of an environmental theme, a love story that goes haywire and a funny adventure, Toad Heaven is the latest story in the Toad series.

(Humour, Animals, Adventure, Series, Environment)


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