Author – William Sutcliffe

Age – 15+ (Swearing, violence, sexual references)

In the (not so distant) future, London is experiencing rioting and looting after a drug called Concentr8 has been taken off the market. Most of the rioters are people who’ve been on the drug for years. Blaze and his friends watch the riots from the edges but don’t join in. But the fires, the noise and the excitement on rioter’s faces as they strip stores of goods – rubs off on them and completely at random they kidnap a man leaving work for the day. It wasn’t planned – it just happens.

This story is told in multiple viewpoints from the teens themselves to the journalist covering the story, London’s mayor keen to make himself look good in the face of this turmoil and the hostage himself who’s still trying to figure out why?

It was fascinating looking into the minds of these teens who have been drugged for years for their ADHD. But did they actually have it in the first place, or was it just to keep them quiet, or even to make their drug addicted parents some money?

Thought provoking.

(ADHD, Rioting, Multiple viewpoints, Drugs, London, Loyalty)


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