Promising Azra


Author – Helen Thurloe

Age – 12+

Azra loves school and science. She also loves her family. But when one is going to take the other away from her, she is faced with the biggest decision in her life.
This is Azra’s story of being faced with an arranged marriage a the age of 16. Her uncle has much influence in her family and he orchestrates the marriage even as she begs her parents to let her finish school.
She has to make a terrible choice – Family and their control of her arranged marriage or a future she chooses for herself. She can’t have both.

If you liked ‘Secrets of the Henna Girl’ you’ll like Azra’s story too. It shows her culture, customs and family traditions such as Ramadan, prayer and cooking – but also an important rule of her culture – obedience by woman.
Her brother gets away with much, including trouble with the law, laziness, unemployed etc, but Azra being a girl can’t even attend school events where there will be boys attending.

Azara’s uncle soon takes things into his own hands, with a shocking conclusion.

(Arranged Marriage, Ramadan, Pakistan Culture)


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