Image result for stargirl jerry spinelli book cover

Author – Jerry Spinelli

Age -10+

(This has teen characters but is perfectly suitable for 10+)

A girl comes out of nowhere to school. They say she’s been home schooled. She has a pet rat she calls Cinnamon who goes everywhere with her. She sings happy birthday to people in the cafeteria on their special day and leaves anonymous gifts for people in town. At first she’s mysterious and intriguing. Then she’s captivating in her caring, kind ways. Instead of watching her, students begin following her, copying the things she does. But soon the positivity that was so infectious in the beginning, becomes negativity after events they unjustly blame on her. Stargirl hardly seems to notice, calm and content with her magical individuality. And then she’s gone….

Another spellbinding story from this multi award winning US author. If only we could all be like Stargirl….

(Individuality, Friendship, Crush, School, Popularity)


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