Author – Danielle Rollins

Age – 14+ (due to language)

Angela is counting down the days before she can leave Brunesfield Correctional Facility. Her focus has always been on seeing her younger brother Charlie again. When a small, timid girl (Jessica) arrives in shackles and fully guarded, everyone wonders what this tiny girl could have done to warrant such treatment. Close behind Jessica arrives a smartly dressed woman called Dr Gruen with her young assistant Maryanne.

When Angela’s sentence is extended after her first encounter with Jessica, she is ripe for the offer that Dr Gruen gives to have that extension voided. She can leave as planned – in three months time, if she just looks after Jessica for a while. Angela has seen this strange little girl’s skill first hand and is scared for herself and her cellmates. But they soon become close, and Angela’s loyalty to the person who can help her leave Brunesfield or the young girl are confusing for her. Dr Gruen is there with an organisation called SciGirls, to help underprivileged teen girls into a prestigious science program. Or is she…?

The more Angela sees and hears, the more skeptical she becomes, until it’s almost too late.

(Correctional facility, Girl’s prison, Loyalty, Experiments, Paranormal)


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