Yong – The Journey of an unworthy son


Author – Janeen Brian

Age – 10+

Yong – The journey of an unworthy son is the story of a young Chinese boy who is unhappy about leaving his family behind as they travel by ship to Australia and its goldfields and tales of promise. Yong and his father have a strained relationship along the way, and Yong feels guilty and unworthy for most of the time as he wishes he was home in China. But Yong must face many trials on their journey and even becomes the only one in their small group who can tackle the problems they face.

Yong was a realistic character caught up in a land he knew nothing of, with only adults for company and homesickness that all but consumed him. But he rose to the challenges with the help of his group, while making tough choices and facing his fears and his guilt. This would make a great historical study for a school project about the Chinese immigrating to Australia for the 1800’s gold rush.

(Historical, Chinese, Goldfields, Ship journey, Australian, Prejudice)


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