Quarantine (1) The Loners

TEEN – THO12620969

Author – Lex Thomas

Age – 14+

As a lover of The Walking Dead, I found Quarantine just as riveting in many ways. This series is plot driven with something happening every moment, and just when you think things have settled a little, another curve ball is thrown your way.

David has just broken up with his girlfriend and beaten up the boy (a football team mate) she has been cheating on him with. He knew going back to school on Monday would be bad, but nothing could prepare him for the huge explosion that rocks McKinley High and his teacher suddenly coughing up blood and dying at his feet.

A virus has swept through the school and after they are prevented from leaving by soldiers, and are told they are the ínfected’. Anyone younger than teens or older than the last year of High School will die if they come within a few metres of them. Little do they know how long they will be locked in by the metal walls and barb wire that is soon surrounding them. Gangs form, leaders reign and love blossoms among the carnage.

The beginning to a action-packed, shocking, gripping series.

(Virus, School, Action, Violence, Bullying, Gangs, Survival, Conflict, Love, Series)


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