With Malice

TEEN – COO29604253

Author – Eileen Cook

Age – 14+

Imagine not remembering the past six weeks.
This becomes even more difficult to live with when those six weeks involved your best friend, a gorgeous Italian guy, a trip of a lifetime and an accident that not only killed someone, it might have been completely your fault.

This is what Jill wakes to in hospital, with a broken leg and a head injury that is preventing her from remembering not only those past six weeks, but words she would use in normal conversation. She is confused and scared and also amazed that her divorced parents are in the same room together at her bedside. Things must be serious.

Interspersed with police interviews, blog posts, TV transcripts, newspaper articles and junior high yearbook notes, With Malice travels at a quick pace, unraveling the mystery, the crime and Jill’s blocked memories to finish with a bang – the car crash that put her in hospital.

Entertaining read.

(Holiday, Friendship, Intrigue, Italy, Amnesia, Crime, Rehabilitation, Truth)


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