Like Nobody’s Watching

Final Cover Like Nobody's Watching

Author – L J Ritchie

Age – 13+

When Oscar’s school has security camera’s installed throughout the school, he is as perturbed as his friends. Why do they need cameras?

But when the younger brother of a mate is being bullied, Oscar quickly plans a way to help, by using the new ‘eyes’ around the school. At first Oscar and his friends feel good about their solution to school bullying, but before they know it, things backfire badly. They are suddenly the topic of edited videos and not in a position to tell anyone – as they will be in trouble for starting it all.

What makes things worse is Oscar’s crush (Caroline) is part of the revenge towards him and his friends and he’s not sure how to deal with it. Things spiral out of control until Oscar takes the bull by the horns (or the cameras and editing software by the keyboard) in order to stop things once and for all.

A thought provoking story about the power of camera footage in the wrong hands, to be used for good and bad, and how it affects people on both sides of the lens. Set in a NZ High School with Year 10 characters, Kiwi teens will relate easily to this novel.

(Kiwi, NZ Author, School, Surveillance, Camera, Revenge, Control, Bullying)



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