Cell 7

Author – Kerry Drewery29864658

Age – 14+ (Language)

Martha has 7 days to live – the only thing that can save her are the voting public who rely on a TV show ‘Death is Justice’ to give them the information they need to save or condemn her.

Society is no longer ruled by courts and sentences handed down after a fair trial. Criminals are ‘processed’ through a set of 7 cells over 7 days, the last containing an electric chair in front of a viewing platform where people can view the execution of criminals.

Martha has no hope of surviving. She admitted to shooting a popular celebrity – Jackson Paige. But did she? And why would she lie? She has to endure a smaller cell each day, thinking of why she is there and how that maybe she can make a difference. But she’s relying on someone outside to carry out their part of the plan. Will they go through with it or has she made a terrible mistake?

Cell 7 has a great concept, especially with social media becoming a huge part in modern life. Will it ever come to this – deciding someone’s fate through popular opinion? Could it ever function corruption free?

Another great read from the author of ‘A Brighter Fear’

(Future, Crime, Social Media, Murder, Love)


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