Thorfinn the Nicest Viking (1) The Awful Invasion


Author – David MacPhail

Illustrator – Richard Morgan

Age – 6+

Harald the Skull-Splitter is worried about his son. Thorfinn has lovely manners, is thoughtful, caring and friendly – the opposite of what a good Viking should be! When Harald gets home from a voyage to find Thorfinn washing the dishes so his mum could have a rest, Harald knows he has to do something.

He announces a voyage to Scotland, to raid villages, steal their stuff and generally be the Vikings they are meant to be. Thorfinn will go too, and Harald will be able to teach him how to be a proper Viking.
There is another family in the village who aren’t happy that Thorfinn is going, when their son Olaf (son of Erik the Ear-Masher) hasn’t been invited. So Olaf is invited too. Olaf and Thorfinn are at the age where they are given their proper Viking names and Harald despairs what Thorfinn will end up with. Thorfinn the tea maker? Thorfinn the too nice?

But being nice isn’t all bad, and Thorfinn soon proves that to the ship’s crew and his father. His manners and friendly helpful nature save the ship more than once and he is given his new name. Thorfinn the very very nice indeed!

But Olaf and his dad Erik the Ear Masher aren’t happy and are plotting their revenge….

This is the first in a series of funny stories for young readers. It would make a great read aloud for 6-7 year olds and also has Viking puzzles and activities at the back of the book. A teaser from the next book in the series encourages readers to read more of Thorfinn’s adventures.

(Vikings, Humour, Manners, Read aloud, Series, History)


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