Thorfinn the Nicest Viking (2) and the Gruesome Games


Author – David MacPhail

Illustrator – Richard Morgan

Age – 6+

Thorfinn is in trouble for making his Viking village look more cheerful for visitors. The villagers are horrified and even more so when his father Harald (the village chief) declares that Thorfinn will attend the Gruesome Games with them.

The Games are to be held on Uraig Island and they are taking their best belcher, axe thrower and swimmer – but will Thorfinn embarrass them all with his manners and kindness?

Once there, Harald makes a bet with his biggest rival, Magnus the Bone-Breaker but it means the village is at stake? Will Thorfinn be able to save them once again with his quick thinking?

This series can be read in order or separately. The fun illustrations throughout also include pictures of characters in the front and Viking activities in the back. 

(Vikings, Historical, Humour, Games, Competition, Series, Read aloud)


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