Author – D J Brazier

Age – 10+

Sam is alone on the banks of the Amazon River. The plane he was travelling in with his dad has crashed and there is no sign of his father except his battered watch. Using what he’d seen on Bear Grylls’ TV show and trial and error, he is determined to survive. He faces vicious wild monkeys, painful hunger cramps, never-ending mosquitoes, searing hot days and cold nights. He is up against quicksand, black scorpions, wild pigs and the presence of something larger in the darkness.

But there are some good things. The thrill of achievement and wonder of wildlife. A giant otter and her cub are a welcome distraction and Sam spends hours watching them, not knowing that not only his survival is at stake. Will he ever make it out of the jungle? Will he ever see his parents again?

Fans of Gary Paulsen’s Hatchet will love this story set in the jungle. Sam is constantly up against the elements and wildlife and there is no sugar-coating his experiences. Great read for adventure and survival lovers!

(Survival, Jungle, Marooned, Adventure, Amazon, Wildlife, Plane crash, Determination. Courage)



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