A Dog’s Life


Author – Ann M Martin

Age – 7+

Squirrel is born in a wheelbarrow inside an abandoned garden shed. She and her brother Bone are the only puppies that survive and live with their loving mum who hunts for them all and teaches them about the world.

When she doesn’t return one day, they know they are on their own and their adventures begin.

This animal tale is exactly what its title says – A Dog’s Life. It follows Squirrel through her life. She’s adopted several times – from one night’s stay to a whole summer to the rest of her life. Some people are kind and some people are not . Some are unaware of the hurt and sadness they cause with their neglect. But the animal lovers in the tale make up for it all in the end .

Written by the author of the hugely popular Babysitter’s Club Series, this animal tale follows one dog. It  shows young readers how people hurt or neglect animals even when they mean well in the beginning. A pet is for life, not just a summer or for as long as they are cute and adorable. (The neglect is written in a way that teaches not shocks the reader)

(Animals, Dogs, Cruelty, Courage)


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