Clover Moon


Author – Jacqueline Wilson

Age – 8+

11 yr old Clover Moon doesn’t go to school. She has to stay home and look after her many step siblings and younger sister Megs. Clover uses her imagination to entertain them and is popular with the alley’s children. But Clover is unhappy. Her stepmother is nasty and even beats her and Clover wants to leave. But how could she leave Megs and Pa?

But then tragedy strikes and Clover has nothing to stay for. Where will she go? Can she be an apprentice to Mr Dolly (her nickname for the local doll maker who has been kind to her), or will she find a job on the harsh streets of Victorian London?

Using all her courage, she ventures out on her own, and it’s her skills with children and street smarts from the alley she’s lived in all her life, that help her become more than she’d ever hoped to be.

Another story for girls about living in Victorian London from this multi award winning author. Another of Jacqueline Wilson’s characters (Hetty Feather) features at the end of the story, linking the two series together. 


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