Born Scared

TEEN – BRO29786582

Author – Kevin Brooks

Age – 13+

Elliot has run out of pills. He needs them to keep the beast of unbridled fear away. Ever since he was born, Elliot has been terrified by almost everything. People (other than his mum), dark, dogs, cars, the sea, baths, and even colours. His mum has tried to get help for him but he’s so terrified of the outside world, it never happens. So Elliot spends his days and nights in his bedroom. He has everything he needs but it’s very close to Christmas and he’s run out of pills to keep his irrational fears at bay.

Despite plans to ensure he has his medication for the holiday break, things out of his mum’s control go wrong and Elliot is left home alone waiting for her. When she hasn’t returned hours later, he knows he has to do the impossible – leave his sanctuary and go outside to look for her.

He faces the dark, people, dogs, and sheep, – all terrifying to him. But when he comes up against things that horrify the normal person, something snaps in Elliot…..

Another great novel from a multi-award winning, master storyteller. Set in a period of a few tense hours, other things in Elliot’s town are happening, involving his mum and two fake Santas, a drunk driver and loaded guns. I felt for Elliot and his irrational fears.

(Crime, Fear, Courage, 24 hours or less, Anxiety)


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