Strange Star

Strange Star

Author – Emma Carroll

Age – 10+

A tale within a tale – there is a gathering of like-minded souls who baulk at the expected conforms of 1816 etiquette. They are planning to tell ghost stories on this particular evening, but one of their group cannot think of anything. Mary Shelley has no ideas to share.
But when her step sister screams at the sight of someone in the window, a true tale is about to be told – more frightening than any of the stories that evening.
A girl who arrives on the doorstep, bangs on the door and collapses, is revived by Mary in front of the fire. Her name is Lizzie and she’s come to claim her sister back. But first she has to tell them how she got there and the terrible things she’s seen….

The author has taken what is known about Mary Shelley and built her own story around it, making us wonder where Mary got her ideas for her classic novel ‘Frankenstein’. For anyone who’d like to read more about Mary Shelley and her ghost story friends – read ‘Summer of Monsters’ by Tony Thompson.

(Frankenstein, 1816, Villa Diodati, Friendship, Lightning, Scary, Mystery, Historical, Science)


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