The Girl Who Walked on Air

ER – CAR20751439

Author – Emma Carroll

Age – 8+

Louie wants to be a showstopper. She has tight rope walking in the blood, but the owner of the circus Mr Chipcase won’t even consider the idea. Louie has her place, selling tickets and sewing costumes, and she should be happy with that after being abandoned at the circus when she was a baby.

But Louie doesn’t give up on her dream. Even after someone she loves has a terrible accident, a new act joins the circus, and Mr Chipcase still won’t listen. There’s another circus nearby – a circus that is bigger, better and looking for a showstopper.

Louie chases her dream, the mother who abandoned her, and the thrill of an international voyage. But is it what she truly wants? Sometimes, you have to be careful what you wish for….

Set in the 1870’s, this story of rival circuses, family secrets, and ambition and determination, is spread across two continents, two generations and the thundering abyss of Niagra Falls. It gives an insight into 19th century circuses and their way of life, and tells a tale of a feisty, strong, young girl unraveling her past to find her future.

(Circus, Family, Friendship, Historical, 1870’s, Niagra Falls)


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