Nothing Tastes as Good

28101625Author – Claire Hennessy

Age – 14+

Annabel has passed away. She had a heart attack at the age of 17 after years of starving herself to look thin. She admired the bones that showed through her translucent skin, and denies even after death, that she was sick.

She wants to send a message to her family, and there is only one way to do that. First she has to help an overweight troubled girl called Julia. She is given this mission by another unworldly presence in the story, that Annabel calls The Boss.

Annabel struggles with this as she sees Julia as all the things she hates, especially the consumption of so much food. Annabel can read Julia’s mind and anyone else’s she chooses to, but to her frustration, cannot access her family’s thoughts or even see them. But at The Boss’ gentle prompting Annabel slowly works her way into Julia’s consciousness.

This story is amazingly different, dealing with the terrible mental illness of anorexia, via a love story, and a journey the spirit makes along with the young woman she has been sent to help. It’s been called phenomenal, and I’d have to agree. 

(Mental illness, Anorexia, Journalism, School Newspaper, Editor, Love)


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