Malkin Moonlight

ER – COX29908364

Author – Emma Cox

Age 9+

Malkin Moonlight has been blessed by the moon with a collar of pure white fur. She has told him he is special and will go on to do great things.

He is special, preferring peace than anger and he even shares his food with mice and rats. When Malkin is saved by a domestic cat called Roux after nearly drowning in a sack, he soon falls in love, despite the pull of something calling him further afield.

Malkin can feel when he is needed and he and Roux often go to the aid of other animals. After nearly losing Roux they finally answer the call of Malkin’s destiny and leave Roux’s home.

They arrive at a recycling station/waste dump which houses two different groups of cats, fighting for the best food and shelter. Can Malkin heal the generations of hate and anger between them before more of them lose any more of their treasured nine lives?

Told in an omniscient point of view, the reader gets to see all the character’s thoughts and feelings. This is a tale of tolerance, love and forgiving and will be loved by cat lovers everywhere. Just imagine a feline Ghandi.

(Cat, Animals, Love, Friendship, Peace, Environment, Waste, Courage, Omniscient, UK Nat Literacy Trust Award winner)



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