King Flashypants and the Evil Emperor


Author/Illustrator – Andy Riley

Age – 7+

King Edwin is the ruler of Edwinland. But because he is a boy king, he has adult helpers that deal with things like the mail and pocket money. Edwin gets LOTS of pocket money, and he spends it all on chocolate. But he is a kind and friendly ruler and he gives most of it away to the people of the land.

When his pocket money suddenly stops, it means NO MORE CHOCOLATE! His people wonder if he has forgotten them – just the thing an evil neighbour ruler needs to finally take over Edwinland.

Can Edwin defeat Emperor Nurbison, get his kingdom, his crown and his pocket money back?

A funny story with great black and white illustrations by the BAFTA and Emmy award winning Andy Riley who also wrote the script for the TV movie Gangsta Granny. This is the 1st in a series. Loved it!

(Series, Humour, King, Courage)


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