Animal Inn (1) – A Furry Fiasco


Authors – Paul Dubois Jacobs/Jennifer Swender

Illustrator – Stephanie Laberis

Age – 6+

Animal Inn is where you take your pet when you go on holiday. The Tyler family of Mum, Dad, Jake, Ethan and 5 year old Cassie will welcome any animal to share their home with Leopold the Macaw (not to be confused for the Toucan thank you very much), Dash the Tibetan Terrier, Cat brothers Shadow and Whiskers, Coco the chocolate lab and last but by no means least, Fuzzy and Furry – Houdini-like Gerbils.

In each story, a different animal tells a tale. Leopold kicks off the series with a mystery to solve. A new animal is coming to stay, but what could it be? The fire chief has been to check out its new home in the basement and Cassie is asking when the wizard is coming?

Accompanied by black and white illustrations, young animal lovers will love this new series.

(Animals, Family, Series, Mystery)


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