Jim Reaper (1) – Son of Grim


Author – Rachel Delahaye

Illustrator – Jamie Littler

Age – 7+

Jim Wimple and Will Maggot are best mates. They do everything together, including school, avoiding the town bully Jeremy Flowers and also dreaming of owning the latest scooter called a Bazoom.

Will’s older sister has just bought herself one, making Jim’s secret crush on her even bigger. When there are only a handful of the limited edition Bazooms left, Jim and Will hatch a plan to convince Jim’s dad to buy one. But as they launch Operation Bazoom, it becomes Operation Dad. Some things about his job and his behaviour just don’t add up. He’s supposed to be an accountant but is up at all times of the night and his office is too strange for words. And who on earth is G Reaper?

The first in a series, Jim Reaper – Son of Grim starts off as a simple tale about a crush on a girl and a burning desire to have the latest gadget. But in the pursuit of these, the story takes an intriguing turn for the weird…..   Great story. Looking forward to the next in the series – Saving Granny Maggot.

(Humour, Friendship, Bully, School, Crush)


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