Pixel Raiders (1) Dig World

ER – BEN30113425

Authors – Bajo & Hex

Illustrator – Chris Kennett

Age – 6+

Ripley and Mei Lin are the best gamers at their school and they are excited to be going on a class trip to INREAL GAMES. When they arrive they are all given games to play for the chance to be part of a select group to test their newest game. This is a dream come true for Ripley who aspires to be working for INREAL one day, but Mei is determined to be the winner of the gaming challenge.

But the two best gamers are so busy trying to outplay each other they both miss the chance of a lifetime – or have they? Mei and Ripley are given another chance and this time they are in a virtual reality game so lifelike they begin to wonder what is real and what isn’t. Watch their health go up and down as they play the game of their lives – for their lives, and this time it’s essential they work together!

Any young gamer will love this series – Minecraft players especially. Full of action, game speak, fun black & white illustrations and challenges, Pixel Raiders is a non-stop battle for survival.

(Computer Game, Rivalry, Friendship, School, Virtual Reality)



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