No Virgin


Author – Anne Cassidy

Age – 16+ (Explicit sexual scenes)

Stacey has had an argument with her mum and sister and she needs some space and time to herself. Even her best friend Patrice has lied to her and she needs to escape them all.

When a handsome guy sits down next to her in a cafe and strikes up a conversation she suddenly feels better about herself. He offers her a place to stay and she can’t believe what she’s doing, but enjoys the distraction from her normal life.

But within 24 hours, normal life is all she craves. To go home and back to school and back to what she knows. When she admits to Patrice what happened in the two days she was gone, her friend is shocked and hardly leaves her side. She tells Stacey to write everything down, and so Stacey tells her story from the very beginning.

This is a gritty, no-punches-pulled story of a girl who is raped. She feels like some of it was her fault, that she was foolish and gullible and can’t bring herself to tell anyone but her friend. But if she says nothing it could happen to someone else, or is she already too late?

(Rape, Shame, Family, Friendship Courage, Crime)


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