The Song from Somewhere Else

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Author – A F Harrold

Illustrator – Levi Pinfold

Age – 10+

Frank (Francesca)has been bullied for months, but she can’t bring herself to tell anyone about it. When Nick Underbridge saves her from the bullies in the park one day, she’s grateful but did it have to be weird Nick from school? Everyone said he’s smelly and has fleas.

But to her surprise, he not only rescues her and keeps her secret, she finds she enjoys his company. Sure he’s bigger than most kids his age and is definitely different, but she soon learns why he keeps to himself, trying not to attract attention. He has a secret of his own. When Frank hears beautiful music that makes her feel better than she has in months coming from his cellar, she just has to investigate….

A wonderful story about friendship, secrets, bullying, and how our universe connects with another with terrible consequences. The exquisite black & white illustrations and shadowy edges to many of the pages add so much to this story. Simply gorgeous!

(Alternate Universe, Music, Bullying, Friendship, Secrets)


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