The Cruelty (1)

(Not in Napier/Taradale Libraries)33791316

Author – Scott Bergstrom

Age – 15+

17 yr old Gwendoline lives with her diplomat father in New York. After living in different countries around the world, she can speak several languages. She hates her new school for children of the elite and spends her free time reading and in gymnastics, not knowing her world is about to be shaken violently. Her father has been kidnapped.

No-one knows why and when his employers say he’s left her by choice, she doesn’t believe them. She sets out on a journey, using her gymnastic skills to learn hand to hand live-or-die combat, and her language skills to negotiate among murderers, thieves, drugs and more. Cruelty is a thing she must learn to survive. Will she ever see her father again?

A gritty and violent thriller. Think the movie Taken (with Liam Neeson) and flip it with the daughter hunting down the kidnapped father. The more I read, the faster I read, wanting to know what would happen next!

(Family, Thriller, Courage, Drugs, Action, Murder, Secret, Series)


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