The Jolley-Rogers and the Ghostly Galleon


Author/Illustrator – Jonny Duddle

Age – 6+

The museum in the small town of Dull-on-Sea has been burgled and all its treasures are gone! An eye witness swears he saw pirates, but that can’t be right – can it?

Tilly loves pirates and her best friend Jim Lad just happens to be one. She writes him a letter and he replies quickly by parrot. While the townsfolk of Dull-on-Sea are in a complete panic, Jim and his family are on their way in their pirate ship, The Blackhole.

Tilly explains the problem to Jim and his Grandpa when they arrive, and they soon have a Piratey Plan to outwit the treasure thieves, but they aren’t your normal run of the mill pirates! With their very lives at stake, Tilly, Jim and Grandpa need to get the town treasures back and fix these problem pirates once and for all.

Full of fantastic black and white illustrations by this talented author/illustrator, this is a tale full of blistering barnacles, sword fights, a full moon, a strange key and the evil Captain Twirlbeard! Great story. Would make a fun read aloud. 

(Humour, Pirates, Courage, Friendship, Ghost)


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