Helper and Helper

Author – Joy Cowleyhelper

Illustrator – Gavin Bishop

Snake and Lizard are back! Helper and Helper is the 3rd book of tales about these unlikely friends. Together they have a business helping other animals, offering advice and listening to problems.

But the first problem they encounter is whose name should be first on the sign. Snake is wily and cunning, always talking his way around Lizard who is sick of feeling like she’s been tricked. They squabble and bicker, as real friends sometimes do, and learn things about others and each other along the way.

Sometimes it’s good to stand firm on what you believe, but at others its better to back down. Sometimes all someone needs in times of trouble is a friendly, patient ear, and on others you have to share your own feelings. When Lizard disappears, Snake finally sees how much she means to him – (Lizard had left a message for him, but by the time the message has been passed on several times, it’s nothing like the one she left.)

A fun read aloud for primary classes, full of Gavin Bishop’s gorgeous ink and colour illustrations. This is my favourite Snake and Lizard yet.


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