Jake Atlas (1) and the Tomb of the Emerald Snake


Author – Rob Loyd Jones

Age – 8+

Jake and his twin Pan (Pandora) don’t like each other much. So spending a boring week or so with their even more boring History Professor parents in Cairo doesn’t seem much like a holiday to them. Jake has a knack for getting into trouble but vows that he’ll be good.But it’s not long before he’s stolen an i-pad and is chased by airport security. A strange scarred man comes to his aid and then seems to be following them. After another fight with his sister, their parents leave them in their room, then mysteriously vanish from the hotel.

It’s up to Jake and Pan to find them, following clues to find an ancient lost tomb before hired mercenaries do. Pan has always tried to hide her intelligence, because it always attracted bullies, but now with her smarts and Jake’s courage, they are tracking down their parents – who just might not be as boring as they’ve always pretended to be……

Non-stop action, gadgets, stunts, clue finding and following. Not to mention tomb raiding, explosives and booby traps. Think Indiana Jones with a 12 yr old twin sister!

(History, Action, Adventure, Twins, Danger, Courage, Family, Egypt, Mummies, Tomb robbers, Booby traps, Series, Secret, Mystery)


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