The Story of Diva and Flea

Author – Mo Willems24820301

Illustrator – Tony Diterlizzi

Age – 5+

Diva is a small dog who lives with the gardienne of an apartment building in Paris. A gardienne is someone who lives on the ground floor and makes sure everything is neat, tidy and safe. Diva takes her job very seriously. If she sees anything outside or nearby or even inside their small fenced garden at the front of the building, she will bark (yelp) and run away. Her biggest fear are feet, and the thought of leaving the safety of her garden has never crossed her mind – until she meets Flea.

Flea is a street cat but also a flaneur. This is someone (or somecat) who wanders the streets and lanes and tops of walls to see what there is to see. And that job never stops as there is always more to discover. Flea’s biggest fear is brooms, as he has been chased by brooms many times and they are very scary things.

Set in the beautiful city of Paris, France, this is a funny story about two very unlikely friends and how they help each other overcome their fears. Both New York Times bestsellers, Mo Willems and Tony Diterlizzi make a wonderful team and wonderful stories. Young readers will enjoy these characters and how they meet. The few exotic french words in this story add a little of magic too! 

(Animals, Cat, Dog, Fears, Friendship, Paris, Courage)


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