Radio Boy

Author – Christian O’Connell33905710

Illustrator – Rob Biddulph

Age – 8+

Spike Hughes loves radio. His biggest dream is to be a radio host like his idol DJ Howard Wright. When his radio show is cancelled at the hospital his mum works at he is devastated. His show (with apparently no listeners) is to be replaced by an extension of a gardening show.

He and his friends Holly and Artie, who are also the only three members of the school AV (Audio Visual) club now rest their hopes on a drawn out promise of the St Brenda’s School principal – they will get a school radio show.

Finally at a school assembly it is announced the long awaited radio show is to be launched, and the host will be….. (the entire school, and even some of the teachers turn to look at Spike.) Everyone knows he’s the man for the job. BUT…

Spike and his friends fight back at the injustice of it all, and Radio Boy and The Secret Shed Show are born. Finally, his dream has come true. Fame, fun, and fans are growing day by day – but so is his ego. And things that grow too fast sometimes explode!

Radio Boy is a funny story about following your dreams and being brave enough to be yourself while you do it. The illustrations, random lists (as Spike tells his story), and zany characters all add up to a great read.

(Belief in yourself, Follow your dream, Humour, Funny, Friendship, School, Revenge, Secret)


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