The Wrong Train

Author – Jeremy de Quidt32050810

Illustrator – Dave Shelton

Age – 11+

When a boy gets on a train home it isn’t long before he realises something is wrong. Nothing looks familiar outside the windows. Somehow he has boarded the wrong train. When he finally does see a station he gets off to find nothing but the platform and darkness. I’ll just wait for the next train he thinks, wishing his phone hadn’t died after he sent his last text to his dad.

A small light appears in the darkness, getting closer and closer. An old man and a small dog arrive, the light a glass lantern he is carrying. At first the boy is okay about the old man offering to keep him company while he waits for the next train. But then he begins to tell stories to pass the time.

These stories are increasingly disturbing until the boy can’t bear to listen any longer. But there is nowhere else to go….

Super creepy, this book surprised me. It is a book of short stories, all stranger than the last, with a small illustration and title of the story to begin each chapter. There is a warning on the back – ‘not for faint hearted passengers’ and it’s not there for nothing. If you like to be a little scared, read this during the day. If you like to be freaked out a little, read it in your bedroom alone at night!

(Spooky, Train, Scary, Alone, Short Stories, Freaky, Eerie)


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