Maybe a Fox

Authors – Kathi Appelt & Alison McGhee31581480

Age – 10+

What happens when you die? Maybe you turn into the wind. Maybe you become a shooting star. Maybe a fox?

When Jules loses her older sister Sylvie to a forbidden place in the woods, she is left with Dad and ‘Life After Sylvie.’ She’s angry at Sylvie’s incessant need to run faster. If only she hadn’t run off into the woods that day. If only she’d grabbed Sylvie’s hand tighter?

But if onlys don’t make things any easier, for Jules or their neighbour who has his own if onlys. But a fox called Senna is growing up nearby, and she is drawn to Jules. She knows she has to help this young human full of sadness.

Maybe a Fox is a story of grief, sisterhood and wishing rocks. Some that have worked and some that haven’t.  Jules and Senna become closer throughout the story and then an event links them forever just as Jules learns the reason for her sister’s need to run faster….


(Fox, Animals, Secret, Catamount, Wishes, Friendship, Loss, Grief)


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