Trapped (Shipwrecked 3)

ER – BOD25689003

Author – S A Bodeen

Age – 8+

(This is the 3rd in this series)

….Sarah and Marco have found his missing brother and her missing dad, but have no way to release them from capture. But the one person that can free them says he can’t. When he tries to explain and shows them why, they can’t believe their eyes.  He needs something and they may have it, so Marco strikes a deal.

But can they get Yvonna off the island in time. She is very sick and getting worse. And then they see a sail! Are they going to be rescued?

The third in this exciting series which takes the reader through twists and turns to leave them wanting more….now!

Shipwreck Island / Lost / Trapped / Found (out April 17)

(Island, Shipwreck, Blended family, Courage, Alien, History)


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