Star Scouts (1)

Author / Illustrator – Mike Lawrence25064686

Age – 8+        (Graphic Novel)

On the way home from Flower Scouts one night, Avani is abducted by an alien. No one is more surprised than she is, but she quickly learns that her new alien friend Mabel is a scout too. But Mabel’s badges are for exciting things like robots, jetpacks, and teleporting, not things like make up, party and songs, like at her dreaded Flower Scouts.

Using a translating and communication device, Mabel can teleport Avani to her planet any time they like and Avani spends a lot of time with her new friend. When Mabel tells her about Star Scout Camp, Avani is keen to go. But she needs a signed form from her dad. As soon as she has bypassed that problem, she is off to camp with Mabel and the other alien Star Scouts.

It isn’t long before she makes an enemy. Pam is a Methane breather and hears Avani call her a Toot breather. A badge competition is soon the only way to compete. The loser is to be kicked out of Star Scouts. But these are the best friends Avani has ever had, who allow her to be herself. How will she ever beat a giant alien slug?

The amazing full colour illustrations full of humour, alien life, and star systems, enrich this great story about friendship, competition, being yourself and admitting when you’re wrong.

(Sci Fi, Scouts, Graphic Novel, Friendship, Competition, Humble, Determination, Series)


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