Evil Emperor Penguin Strikes back

Author/ Illustrator – Laura Ellen Anderson33637875

Age – 8+       Graphic Novel

At the bottom of the world lives Mr Eight (an Octopus), Eugene (a fluffy white minion) and the Evil Emperor Penguin who always has another plan for world domination. Luckily for the world he’s particularly bad at it.

He tries being a computer hacker, shrinking the human race, stealing the world’s art masterpieces to capture world leaders, all the while his nemesis Evil Cat getting in the way or Eugene and and best friend Keith (a pink flying unicorn) making things better.

This dastardly penguin is hilariously hopeless in every scheme he pulls. Great fun.

(Funny, Humour, Friendship, Evil plans, Graphic Novel)


One thought on “Evil Emperor Penguin Strikes back

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