Author / Illustrator – James Davidson

Age – 10 +

Kiwi Pukupuku and Possum Von Tempsky are all about adventure. The first of 3 tales in this new graphic novel is kicked off when they see a lizard egg being sold illegally. When they try to find where it came from, they stumble across the original thieves, the Bacon Brothers. The tricky part is when the egg breaks and Possum suddenly becomes a baby lizard’s favourite person with a very large, angry mum wanting him back!

2) Sent out on a mission by the Governor, Kiwi tells Possum a legend of the geothermal area they are travelling through – Hatupatu was the youngest of three brothers. Fate has him facing an evil bird woman called Karangatuku who captures him and takes him to her lair….. Little do Possum and Kiwi know that the legend is still alive and angry, and right behind them.

3) Another adventure Taonga in Trouble takes the duo an another adventure with mythical creatures in colonial New Zealand.

For nearly a decade James Davidson has worked on Moa, researching local legends and combining native creatures, real people, maori legends and adventure in this funny graphic novel.

(Fantasy, Myth, legend, Maori, Bravery, Humour, Historical, Friendship)


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