The Little Vampire

Author/Illustrator – Angela Sommer-Bodenburg33876597

Age – 8+

Tony loves horror stories. One night while he is watching a scary movie on TV he decides to get a drink from the kitchen. But in the darkness of his house and halfway back to his room he realises his TV has been turned off. He knows it wasn’t his parents – so who or what is in his room?

He finds something completely unexpected – a little vampire. This young vampire is called Rudolph and is looking for a friend. He likes reading just as much as Tony – especially stories about vampires. And he is soon flying off into the night with a copy of Dracula under his cloak.

Rudolph comes to visit weekly and even takes Tony to his crypt in the local cemetery. But Tony has to be wary of Rudolph’s family, Rudolph’s little sister who has a crush on him, and his own Mum and Dad’s questions about his new friend that only seems to visit late at night.

With 12 million copies sold of this classic tale written in 1979, this story is proven to be popular. Due out in an animated movie soon, the movie will be just as loved. (Not due out until approx May 2018 in NZ.)

(Scary, spooky, freaky, vampire, friendship, crush)


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