Lily Max (3) – Sun, Surf, Action

Author – Jane Bloomfield

Illustrator – Guy Fisher

Age – 8+

Lily Max is looking forward to meeting her BFF Greer at the beach for the summer holidays. They have planned to hang out together the whole holiday at Way Wave Bay – surfing, sunbathing and having fun.

But things aren’t going to plan. The batch they hire has no view of the sea as advertised, the movie that Lily Max’s mum is supposed to be employed by is experiencing major delays, and Greer seems more interested in a boy called Ryder than hanging out with Lily Max.

She feels hurt by the snub, but tries to make the most of it, selling things at the local market, enjoying the sunshine, learning to surf with her surfie dad, and finding out more about the history of the Bay and the topic of the movie.

There is a lighthouse at the end of the Bay that is just asking to be explored. But everyone says it is dangerous and to keep away from it. It can’t be that bad can it? Lily Max has a plan to test Greer’s friendship once and for all.

I liked the character of Lily Max. She is believable, funky, funny, kind, and a design/fashion freak! She is always looking at what people are wearing and how they are wearing it. Her ideas for new styles or fashions are never ending, and I think any young, keen designers will gobble this story up and also get a mystery in the mix.

(Fashion, Style, Design, Series, Friendship, Jealousy, Movie)


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