Author – Deborah Ellis38197342

Illustrator – Nora Twomey (adapted from the animated film)

Age – 9+

Parvana’s story begins in 2001 in a market in Kabul, Afghanistan. Her family is poor, and they are selling their possessions for food. Their country is under Taliban rule, with strict regulations about women, including no schooling, no working outside the home, and strict clothing conditions.

When Parvana’s father is arrested, it is up to her to buy food, collect water and fulfill other needs of her family – but it is against Taliban rulings to be on the streets alone as a girl or woman.

Parvana does the only thing left – cutting off her hair and dressing as a boy. But war soon breaks out. Can she find her father? Can she evade the Taliban? Can she save her family?

A Historical Note completes this heartbreaking tale, (adapted from the hugely popular book by Deborah Ellis), by explaining the fate of the Afghan people from 1979 through to today.

(Historical, Family, Courage, Afghanistan, Taliban, War)


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