The Wild Robot

Author/Illustrator – Peter Brown26030734

Age – 8+

A ship sinks on the first page of this story, with only 5 boxes escaping the depths of the ocean. Four of them are dashed against rocks of an island, only one surviving. A group of otters surround the strange box and while investigating it, inadvertently push a button inside.

A strange shiny creature emerges. “Hello, I am ROZZUM Unit 7134, but you may call me Roz.” Roz is a robot, and she is instantly labelled by the animals on the island as ‘The Monster’.

Slowly but surely, Roz uses her computer brain to observe these animals and their habits – learning camouflage, their languages and their rules. Slowly but surely she is accepted among them, her adoption of a gosling egg helping smooth the way.

Roz not only has to learn be a mother, but how to look after herself and her new friends in an extreme winter while she waits for her gosling son’s return from his fly south.

This Award winning book is something special. Set in the future, it combines Technology and Nature and shows how they learn from one another. It lightly touches on Global warming, and shows a winter more extreme than before, both things we are dealing with now. The Wild Robot would make a fantastic Read aloud for classrooms, as it makes the reader think about our future and how we will look after not only ourselves but the other creatures that share our world. B & White Illustrations compliment this novel.

(Nature, Robot, Friendship, Environment, Global Warming, Island, Family, Leadership, Award)


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