Life of the Party (The Susie K Files 1)

Author – Shamini FlintSusie K 1.jpg

Illustrator – Sally Heinrich

Age – 6+

Susie is a problem solver. She loves science, animals and working things out. There are problems like her full name – Susanna Saathiavanni Kanagaratnam-Smith that she can’t do anything about, but there are other problems like how to get invited to the party of the most popular girl in school.

Susie doesn’t really like parties, but her mum is worried about her not being social enough and has threatened to go to school to complain and ask why.

Using science, her best friend (the class goldfish George), and her desire to make her mum stop worrying about her, Susie solves the problem.

The 1st in a funny new series by the author of the Diary of a Soccer Stop, Cricket God etc series, The Susie K Files is sure to be just as popular. Full of speech bubbles, text and quirky drawings, this series is perfect for problem solvers and budding scientists like Susie.

(Science, Problem, Popular, Geek, Family, Sri Lankan, Humour, Funny)


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