The Chocolate War

Author – Robert Cormier

Age – 15+

Archie Costello is an enigmatic, handsome, popular senior at Trinity College, a private Catholic Boys School. He is also cunning, devious, narcissistic and the leader of a group of boys calling themselves The Vigils.

Everyone, including the Brothers (teachers) knows they exist within the school, and that they control by fear. Archie doesn’t condone violence, but controls by psychological means, getting students to play pranks on others and the teachers.

Brother Leon who is in charge of the school in the sick Principal’s absence, has asked for the ínfluence’ of the Vigils in the school’s Chocolate Selling project. All is good until someone says no – to both The Vigils and Brother Leon.

This boy will have to be made an example of….

This book won several wards and was also banned because of its content. It is a no-punches pulled account of life within a teen boy’s school – bullying, control, power, unwritten rules and standing up for yourself. A classic.

(School, Power, Growing up, Bullying, Power-play, Catholic, American Football)



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