Pirates – Dead Men’s Tales


Author – Anne Rooney

Illustrator – Joe Wilson

Did you know pirates have been around for over 2500 years? Did you know that eye patches, wooden legs and walking the plank are mostly untrue, and that Julius Caesar himself was captured and held by pirates for 38 days?

This gorgeously produced Hardback shows pirate history through the ages and the world’s separate seas and continents. It has the Pirate’s Code to be followed on threat of death or slavery, different types of pirate ships, famous pirate’s bios and even how to launch an attack at sea.

Learn why and how men became pirates by force or necessity and how terrible the conditions really were aboard ships for months on end, and where in the world pirates took a rest. A full glossary of terms in the back of the book covers pirate language and a clear index makes finding facts fast.

(Pirates, History, Facts, Non-Fiction)


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