The 1000 year old boy

Author – Ross Welford35958734

Age – 9+

Would you want to live forever? Alfie is 11 years old and has been 11 for 1000 years. He lives with his mum who is also a ‘Neverdead’ and they keep to themselves in a small house in the woods.

When there is an accident, Alfie is left alone, frightened and desperate to find what he needs to finally grow up and grow old normally. He makes two friends who help hide him from the police and social services while he figures out what to do.

But there is someone else who wants what Alfie needs – someone who has been searching for Alfie for hundreds of years. Someone who will do anything to get what he wants.

An intriguing story about friendship, family, and history, all rolled up with a mystery and a heart-stopping conclusion. Be careful what you wish for! Great read!

(History, Friends, Mystery, Action)




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