The Yark

Author – Bertrand Santini36820770

Illustrator – Laurent Gapaillard

Age – 8+ (Not for the squeamish or gentle)

The Yark loves to eat children. He loves the crunch of their finger bones, the sweetness of their livers and their marshmallow-flavoured brains. He is a Monster!

But this monster has a weakness – a weak stomach. He can only eat and enjoy good children. Nice children. Children who are innocent, lovely, thoughtful and kind. They used to be everywhere, but these days they are harder to find. Children of today are often bullies, spoiled, teasing, sneering, complaining, boasting or just plain awful. These types of children give the Snark a terrible stomach ache, diarrhea and a LOT of gas.

Starving and at his wits end, the Yark wracks his brains as to where he’d find good children. When all is lost he meets a young girl called Charlotte who turns his world upside down.

A simple but clever tale, The Yark is not for young children or those prone to nightmares. The Yark is truly a terrible monster, but underneath he may just have a soft spot.



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