Fragments of the Lost

Author – Megan Miranda36360076

Age – 13+

Jessa loved Caleb Evers. He was sweet, funny, good looking and attentive. But now he’s gone. The last time she saw him was on the sidelines of her cross-country competition. They say he left upset. They say the accident is all her fault.

Caleb’s mum can’t face packing up his room and asks Jessa to do it. Each thing she packs brings back a memory of their time together. A photo. A piece of clothing. A letter opener. But the more she packs up, the more she finds. Some things don’t add up, and his mum is acting weird.

Caleb’s best friend Max is grieving too. He was with Caleb and Jessa so much that he has become a close friend of Jessa’s. But how close? Should she feel guilty? Between them they discover things that were supposed to be hidden. Things that will change everything.

Another fantastic read from Megan Miranda. She weaves the intrigue and mystery throughout her books to such a point, I can’t read fast enough. This book took a bit more time to get into, but once I was in there, there was no chance I was going to leave it alone.

(Family, Secret, Grief, Relationship, Love, Intrigue, Accident)


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