The Mouth of the Wolf

Author – Michael Morpurgo40031098

Illustrator – Barroux

Age – 10+

Francis has just turned 90. A party is thrown for him by his whole French village. He enjoys it, goes home, is helped into bed and lies there remembering his life and all the people who couldn’t be at his party.

His brother Pieter who died in the war at 21.

His father who he adored.

His wife Nan (short for Nancy) who made him laugh before the war and put their family back together after it. He remembers others too.

His friends in the French Resistance, and all the missions and danger they faced. Especially Christine who snatched him and his friends from the mouth of the wolf.

Brother, Father, Teacher, Spy. Francis Cammaerts was also a pacifist and Michael Morpurgo’s uncle. This is a sad, wonderful, courageous story about a humble man who was a hero dozens of times over. One of my favourite’s of Michael Morpurgo’s yet!

(War, French Resistance, True story, Historical, Friendship, Bravery, Courage, Family)



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