Author – Chaboute35908372

Age – 12+

A man lives in a lighthouse on a rock. He was born there and has never left.

Another man is working in his new job on a fishing trawler. He asks why they are unloading boxes onto the steps leading up to the lighthouse, and is told the story of the disfigured hermit no-one has ever seen. He wonders what the hermit does all day?

The hermit hides until the trawler is gone before he collects his supplies. Then he goes back to his dictionary – worn, taped together, but cherished. A game he plays with his beloved dictionary fills much of his time. His days have been the same for decades.

But something changes. Just a small change. A tiny piece of kindness. The hermit considers it, and his life changes dramatically.

A graphic novel with sparse text and beautiful pictures capturing a gull on the wing, the pounding ocean and the melancholy of the hermit. Simple. Stunning. 

(Loneliness, Lighthouse, Kindness, Sadness, Isolation, Change, Graphic Novel, Translated, French, France)


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